Thursday, February 26, 2009

Action Pictures

GiGi posted a comment on Jennifer's blog that she had seen lots of sleeping pictures of the girls lately, and she wanted to see some action shots. GiGi, believe me, there is way more action going on over here than sleep. I know you experience that when they are at your house.

They love to play with their Leapsters. I can't believe they can do it, because I have tried and I can't. It is hilarious to listen to Karsyn, who is 2 try to tell me how to "make it work". She gets frustrated and will groan at it.

Here they are watching TV. I think it is so cute when they sit together, until they start picking on each other.

This was on Wednesday when Karsyn was alone watching Diego. As you can see, she has thrown all of the pillows off and is riding the arm of the sofa.

Here is an action shot just as she is getting ready to jump and roll. I have to watch her because when I am not, she will get on the end table and jump from there. When I scold her for jumping, here response is always, "But Lolly!".

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Janelle said...

I can't help but laugh at KK!! She's such a mess..OMG I can't wait to be home and see them!!

KirkKrew said...

I am no doubt biased, but they are so darn cute!!! Karsyn is looking forward to her "Lolly Day" tomorrow.

Gigi2 said...

Thank you Lolly! Yes, there is much action going on when they are here. Landrie is often still and content to play by herself. But "KK" is always busy, busy, busy. Thanks for the pictures. I love them and love you for taking care of those sweet babies. I can't wait 'til I can see them. BTW, they almost looked like they were asleep playing their leapters. Yes, Jenn, they are so darn cute!