Friday, January 23, 2009

Cadillac Ranch

I have been thinking about this post for a few days, because I am not real sure how I feel about this restaurant. It seemed really good as I was eating it, but the farther I got away from the meal, I'm not so sure.

But first, I need to address Kara's comment about Sweet Tomatoes, a new restaurant in Irving. I have not been to the new location, but a couple of years ago, I went to a Sweet Tomatoes in Tampa for lunch. It is very similar to Souper Salad, but has a bigger selection. If I remember correctly, a huge salad bar, bread bar, pasta bar and soup bar. If you like Souper Salad, I think you would like it.

Now to Cadillac Ranch.

It is located in the old Bahama Breeze (Caribbean style restaurant) off of Mac Arthur and 114. I read a review about in in the Star Telegram that was great, so I couldn't wait to try it. I was disappointed when I saw the inside. It looked like Bahama Breeze with a few Texas artifacts on the walls. The outside looked very Texas, but the inside didn't quite match.

We started off with cornbread, onion rings and their specialty oysters. I did not try the oysters (as I don't like something that reminds me of slimy eyeballs), but everyone else thought they were great. The cornbread was really good, but it was almost too sweet. I can't believe I am saying that. I always like everything extra sweet, but this was almost like cake with sweet honey butter on top. A little too much.

By the time we ate the appetizers, we were full, but went ahead and ordered entrees. My "meal before I die" would be Fried Chicken, Potato Salad and Baked Beans. They had chicken with potato salad so there was no other choice for me. I was disappointed in the chicken. The coating was really good, but it was a batter instead a coating, and it was just too thick. The first couple of bites it was good and then it was kind of gaggy. The same with the potato salad. It was very different and first few bites were good, but not so great the more you ate.

One really neat thing that have on the menu is BBQ ribs with Dublin Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. Anyone who know me well, knows that I don't have blood running in my veins, it is Dr. Pepper. It is my drug of choice. They even had the sauce in a Dr. Pepper bottle with a lid that they "ceremoniously" opened. I tasted a bit and it was pretty good, but not to "die for".

We had banana bread pudding for dessert. It was good.

I would like to give Cadillac Ranch another try. I think they are headed in the right direction, I just need to order some different things.

When you go out, there are things that can make or break a meal. We went out with some great friends that night, so that enhanced the meal. The waiter was very nice, but he really annoyed me. He interrupted us constantly to ask how everything was. While I appreciate his service, it was way too much and got annoying after a while. We had a hard time keeping the conversation going because he kept interrupting. Especially since every time he did it, he got down on his knees and grabbed the arm of my chair and touch my shoulder, so he could be face to face with us.

I have issues with people getting into my personal space. There needs to be enough space between my face and yours so we don't feel each others breath. When I am at church and we share an armrest, don't hog it and touch me. When I am on a plane, don't touch my arm or my waist with any part of your body.

Oh, that is another story . . . .

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Kay said...

I call those kinda ppl 'personal space invaders'! LOL