Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interesting Day

I had j*ry duty again yesterday. Thank goodness next week is my last week.

Tuesday morning, when I was a couple of blocks from my house, I noticed a burgundy truck behind me. It was no big deal. About a mile from my house, I noticed that he had paced himself with me and rolled down his window. I was on my cell phone, so I just kept talking and pretended not to see him.

After a few miles, I started getting suspicious that he was following me. I started making extreme lane changes and he would follow. He generally stayed a couple of cars back, but if I would speed up, he would too. As I entered the downtown area, he was still following. Knowing I would soon be turning right, I moved to the far left lane to try to throw him off.

I saw a parking place to my right and quickly veered over. He got stuck in the left lane and I finally got a glimpse at his license plate. He was stuck turning left and I quickly turned right. I have looked up his license plate info and it returns to a truck out of Santa Fe, Texas. He didn't have a front plate on his custom grill, so I couldn't get his info until just before I lost him.

He followed me for about 15 miles. Now, I have my eyes out for burgundy trucks. Do you know how many burgundy trucks there are out on the road?

J*ry duty was quite interesting. The foreman got mad because a case he thought would be indicted got no billed. He pounded his fist on the table and was cussing. He immediately followed the DA out of the room to tell him who voted against it. Needless to say, people got quite ticked off. His little fit followed last Wednesdays fit when he yelled and cussed at another juror. I was one of the people that he was ticked off at. I politely let him know how rude, unprofessional and disrespectful he was.

I can't wait until this morning. Emotions are running pretty strong. We just might have World War III. Quite interesting!

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Noni said...

That's pretty scary!! My Pop's wants to know if he tried to talk to you when he rolled down the window next to you and was their a name tied to the license plate? Serving on "GJ" could sure make suspicious. Be very careful and keep your eyes alert...like duh I know you will. Noni

York Family said...

Scary, scary, scary!!! I will be praying for angels all around you (and NO burgundy trucks!)!!

Kay said...

Wow..that would give me the willies! Glad you're on the alert and careful.