Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Third One Is A Charm

In the past week, we have tried out three new restaurants. We are always on the hunt for something new and good. Finally after three tries, we found a winner.

The first one we tried was Jaspers in Plano. I have seen their chef on Good Morning Texas several times and wanted to give it a try. The menu looked great and we thought we might be onto something good. The food was good, but not "over the top" great. I was a little disappointed, but thought maybe my expectations were too high. I do that sometimes.

Next we tried OC Burgers in Euless. The menu looked good and I saw a sign that said "fresh cut fries" and was hopeful. Unfortunately the fries were frozen fries that were barely cooked. They were not even brown and hard in the center. How can you mess up french fries????

The burgers could have been good with some tweaking. The lettuce and onions had a processed "chemical" taste. You know how sometimes you get prepackaged produce and it tastes like it has a lot of preservatives? This is how they tasted. The ice also had a funny taste that I could taste through my Dr. Pepper. If they cooked the fries for about 3 minutes longer and used fresh produce, it might be pretty good.

Our third restaurant was Blue Canyon. We spent the weekend in Rockwall at the Hilton Bella Harbor for a getaway. It was a neat area. It is on the lake (which is no big deal at all), but it has a shopping area with a movie theatre and lots of restaurants (including a Celebrity Bakery). We ate at Blue Canyon for dinner and Sunday Brunch. It was great.

I love bread, and the rolls they served with a special herb butter were excellent. We had the "Cast Iron Cheese Bake" for an appetizer. It was fontina, asiago and goat cheese with crab served in a hot skillet. The salads were good and one of the best dressings I have had in a while was the "Asiago Peppercorn Ranch". I had the short ribs with "Smoked Tomato Corn Spoon Bread" and Pops had the ribeye with "roasted garlic chive butter & Worcestershire glaze). For dessert we had "Homemade Donuts with Vanilla Latte". Everything was excellent.

For brunch on Sunday, there was more good stuff. Eggs, pancakes, biscuits, great sausage gravy, smoked salmon, salads, and some of the best roasted chicken I have ever eaten. It was very moist and tasted like it had a jalapeno pepper jelly glaze.

It is only about 45 minutes away (without traffic), so we will definitely go back. The decor was really neat too. A definite winner all around.

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Janelle said...

I had so much fun with you this past week Lolly!!


Love you and can't wait to be home for Christmas with you!!

Laurie said...

If you're looking for new places to go, I'd recommend Giavonni's in Frisco. It's a little hole in wall right near our house, and they have some great affordable lunch specials. Everything we have tried is yummy, and you can BYOB.