Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back To Restaurant Reviews

I got on my political rant, and have neglected my restaurants. Between jury duty, politics and obsessively checking our retirement account to see how much we have lost, I have been a little preoccupied lately. Hopefully I can remember that far back.

7th - Panera Bread - Not one of my favorite places to eat, but this is where my book club meets. Book club sounds so sophisticated, but it isn't. Just an excuse to get together, eat and talk. Pops had his default - Taco Bell.

8th - Cafe Medi - This is becoming a favorite. I love their Gyro's and rice. I don't know how they cook their rice, but it is really good.

9th - Mi Chula - This is the second time I have been here. The queso was GREAT. I was disappointed in my salad. I will give it another try. Either it just isn't that good or I haven't found my dish. I will keep trying.

10th - Hattie's - This is in the Bishop Art's District in Dallas. Upscale Southern Cooking. I had the meatloaf and it was great. I just wish they hadn't served it on top of the potatoes. I'm not real crazy about having my food mixed. Pops had the Shrimp and Grits which was great, and I had the fig appetizer. Sounds strange, but really good. It is a fig, stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts, wrapped in bacon. Great contrast of salty, sweet, tangy and crispy.

11th - Conrad Wedding - We had great food at the reception. It was at Rivercrest Country Club in Ft. Worth. The shrimp looked like the Bellagio Buffet.

12th - Dickey's - Since we went to the wedding Saturday night, we went to church on Sunday. After lunch we went to one of our favorites, Dickey's BBQ. For dinner, we had a "Married Life Leadership" meeting at the Hanna's and had Sloppy Joe's and Blackberry Cobbler. Great.

13th - I got some strange virus that Pops had a few days earlier and I felt too bad to eat. You know I must be sick if I don't eat. Pops went to Taco Bell around 10.

14th - Firehouse Subs

15th - Jason's - Funny night at Jason's. We had a new cashier. Pops ordered the Turkey Muffalotta, and the cashier didn't understand. He kept looking for the Beefolotta on the menu. After much looking and repeating, he finally asked another guy in the line who obviously didn't speak English. "Sir, do you want the Turkey Beefolotta?" It was pretty funny.

16th - La Hacienda Ranch - Janelle and Jacob came in town for Fall Break, so we had the first of many family dinners. Lamar and Jordan were the only people not there.

17th - Macaroni Grill - Janelle and Jacob went to the Haltom Football game, so it was just Pops and I for dinner. Disappointed. Macaroni is just not as good as it used to be.

18th - Pappasito's - Another family dinner. Great fajitas.

19th - Justin was dying to cook steaks, so he came over, went to the store, got gas for the grill and cooked steaks and potatoes and onions. It was really good.

20th - Pacific House - After deliberating for about 45 minutes on where we were going to eat, we finally decided Chinese. Pacific House has the BEST fried rice and the people who own it are always so nice and so appreciative that you are there.

21st - Chipotle - Had my good old standard, Chicken Fajita Bowl. Rice, Chicken, Peppers and Onions, Cheese, Corn Salsa (my favorite) with guacamole.

22nd - The Keg - Las Colinas - Used to be one of our favorites. Haven't been in a while so we decided to do something different. I had the Terriyaki Chicken. Not marinated long enough to give it much flavor, but they had a new pineapple salsa that gave it a punch.

I did have several Celebrity lunches squeezed in there. Also had Firehouse. That is my weekend lunch default place.

I am hungry. Writing about all of this makes me start thinking about my Celebrity lunch today and dinner tonight. Where will it be?

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Missy said...

I have a coworker that like MiChula, so I've wanted to try it. It's in front of Central Market in Southlake, right? Where is Cafe Medi? That sounds good too! I feel like I've seen it but can't remember where.

Missy said...

I knew I had seen Cafe Medi somewhere! Matt likes Gyros, so I'll have to add it to our list to try sometime!! I love suggestions on places to eat, because we don't venture out to new things often enough!

gigi said...

Excuse me? Book club "sounds" sophisticated. I even wore pearls. Were you looking for something more sophisticated than that? :)

Way More Homemade said...

We love Cafe Medi. Been there several times and it's always been good.