Monday, October 13, 2008

300th Post - Restaurant Rant

I just noticed that this is my 300th post. I didn't realize that I had that much stuff to say. Most of it is just boring rambling.

I have lots of pet peeves with restaurants, but I experienced one last week that drives me crazy. When I look at a menu and read the description of an item, I am assuming that is just what I am going to get.

At Mi Chula, I ordered a salad. The description on the menu said it had chicken, black beans, corn and cheese. Sounded pretty good, so that is what I ordered. What the description didn't say was that it also had tons of jicima and tomatoes. Had I known that, I would have either ordered something else, or had them left off the salad.

Pops HATES tomatoes and green onions and he always makes sure they are not on anything. It is so irritating to get your meal, and for it to be covered with pretty little chopped tomatoes or sprinkled with a nice covering of onions.

Very rarely do we send food back, unless we have ordered it a specific way and it comes out wrong. Why don't menus disclose EVERYTHING?

Another pet peeve, is food that is all stacked on top of each other. I know the chef does it for fancy presentation, but I like to eat my food seperately. If I want to mix it, that is okay, but I want to have the choice. Friday night, I had meatloaf that was really good, but it was on top of the mashed potatoes. They both would have been great by themselves, but I didn't like the combination. Please let me decide if I want them mixed.

My kids have always been picky eaters and ordered their hamburgers plain. I was listening to someone on the radio the other day and they were saying they order plain hamburgers for their kids. They have started asking for the meat because twice recently, they were very specific about the ingredients they wanted on the burger, and then received it without any meat, just the bread and cheese. When I order cheeseburgers for the little girls, I always say I want a plain cheeseburger with just meat, bread and cheese.

I guess you just need to be VERY specific.

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KirkKrew said...

Happy 300th Post!!

Gigi2 said...

I love your blog....and I never consider it rambling. I wish we had the restaurants here that you always talk about.....but we don't. We are small stuff around here! It is always interesting! I have also learned that when I order anything..I always say if it has onions, leave them off. No onions for this lady!!