Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fireside Pies - Mmmmmmm!!!

I have written about Fireside Pies in the past, but I tried a couple of new things last night. The crab claws were some of the best I have ever had. Yes, crab claws at a pizza restaurant.

They were very meaty and in a garlic butter sauce that tasted like it also had some Parmesan cheese. They were served with Reggiano bruchetta. They were so good, that I have already decided they will probably become my standard meal at Fireside. I will have to have them with the cheese salad. The cheese salad is loaded with several different cheeses and served with a roasted red pepper dressing that is similar to a ranch dressing. The combination is great.

Since we had 3 of the kids with us last night, we got 2 different pizzas. We actually ordered off the menu. We usually create our own. We had the meatball and added sausage and had the "Triple Roni". It is pepperoni with truffle oil and fresh basil. Very good and very rich. We always order our pizzas "easy on the sauce". We like to really taste the different cheese blend and the toppings.

We can not go to Fireside without getting the cheesecake. The absolute best cheesecake I have ever had anywhere. We had the "Market Fruit Pie", which changes. Last night it was strawberry with blueberries with (I think this is right) a raspberry sauce. It has a crunchy topping that tasted almost like sugar cookie dough and was served very hot (actually burnt my tongue) and ice cream. It was a great meal.

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