Monday, June 23, 2008

Beautiful Wedding - Congrats Lauren and Chris

Our best friends from high school, Badger and Amy, married off their oldest daughter Saturday night. Lauren had always dreamed about her "Cinderella" wedding, and she go it. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding just off the golf course with beautiful flowers and hundreds of rose petals down the aisle. Here is a picture of Pops and Janelle after we got home.

Although Lauren looked beautiful, her little niece Elle tried to steal the show. She was born on Valentine's day. She is so cute and was so good. She was passed around all night and didn't make a sound. Justin loves babies and he had to get his share.
The flowers were so pretty. The cake was so good that I could have eaten a few pieces, but I restrained myself and just had one. Not only was it beautiful, it tasted great. Very moist and gooey. My favorite kind.

Congratulations Lauren and Chris. We wish you many happy years together.

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Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

That has got to be the sweetest picture of Justin and that baby!! I pray that some day he will have a wonderful wife and a few babies of his own! That is just so sweet!!