Monday, April 21, 2008

Food In Hawaii

The last time we went to Hawaii, we didn't have very good food, so this time, I did my research and made reservations at several restaurants before we went. I was pretty successful.

All of the restaurants turned out to be really good, except one, Nick's. All of the info I read gave it great reviews as a great seafood restaurant, but we didn't give it much of a try.

We saw it a few days before the night of our reservation and the outside, along with the hotel it was in, looked very old and run down. We decided to give it a chance. When we were seated, it was ugly and dark and it smelled funny. I almost decided to bolt then, but thought I would look at the menu. That is when I decided to leave.

There was not anything that looked good and given the atmosphere, I knew it would be a bad experience. We left money on the table for our drinks, and slipped out the front door. As we were almost at the garage, the waiter followed us and asked why we left. He was nice, but I must say, it was a little awkward. I was glad that Pops wanted to leave too, because sometimes he thinks I can get a little too picky.

We ended up going to Bubba Gumps and had a good meal.

The next day, we decided to drive to the North Shore. It was gorgeous! As we were driving, we saw a bunch of what I have always called "roach coaches". They were everywhere. I remembered seeing these on Rachel Ray's $40 a day. We saw one that was really crowded and decided to stop.

As you know from this post, I am a huge Rachel Ray fan.

I was so excited when I saw this sign. We had the garlic shrimp and it was great. It was also really messy. This is where you wash your hands. A sink in the middle of a parking lot.

I think my friends would be a little surprised at me for eating here. It seems kind of funny that I wouldn't eat at the seafood restaurant, but would eat out of a truck on the side of the road.

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gigi said...

Very adventurous of you! Something I didn't expect to see on your blog ... don't tell me you used a restroom out there, too! That I won't believe.

K in the Mirror said...

So did you tell him it was ugly and dark and smelled funny? How crazy that he chased you.

Lolly said...

No, I am so not about confrontation. We just told him we didn't see anything on the menu that looked good to us. He asked if it was because we got poor service and we assured him that he was very nice and good. How embarassing!