Sunday, January 6, 2008

Flip Flop Disaster

Whenever we travel, Pops complains because we need an extra suitcase for my shoes. (I still remember a card he gave me one time that said, "I love you so much I would give you the world, but then you would have to buy a pair of shoes to go with it."

I decided to be conservative when we went to Fredricksburg and only take 2 pairs. Black flip flops and black heels. (Last time we went to Vegas for 3 nights, I counted 11 pairs, you have to match every outfit you are wearing and MIGHT wear.)

As we were walking down the streets of Fredricksburg on a beautiful sunny day, my $2.99 New York and Co. favorite flip flops broke. I definitely got my moneys worth out of those, but what is a girl to do in December when flip flops are not readily available. I knew I was in trouble.

I carried the broken shoe so that people would not notice and think I was just trashy going barefoot through town. In despair, I noticed a store a few doors down that had shoes.

They actually had a pretty good selection of flip flops, but nothing plain and black. There were some $48 Reefs that were black, but they had a 2 inch thick sole that I would look ridiculous in. I did see some shoes that I kind of liked, but they were $125.

I contemplated back and forth, do I buy the $48 shoes to wear long enough to get back home or do I go crazy and spend $125 on a pair of flip flops? After much deliberation, I decided the money would be better spent on something I would wear. I have been wearing them almost every day since, even to the point of getting a blister on the top of my foot.

I bet that Pops will not make fun of my extra suitcase of shoes anymore. It is much more cost efficient!


sandra f. said...

Oh, I wish I had asked to see those shoes when I was over the other day!!! It is horrible when a fav pair just hard to replace them. Having fun reading your blog and catching up!!! So enjoyed our visit and so glad we found a granite that was beautiful to go with your beautiful, actually incredible floor!!! -Sandra

Gigi said...

Lolly, you deserve those high dollar flip flops!! I know they must be comfortable to wear every day!! And, I am more intereted in your kitchen floor and remodeling. I hope you take pictures and post so we can see!! Give our girls a hug for me....they are just adorable!! I know they keep you running in those flip flops!! Can't wait to see them!!