Friday, December 7, 2007

Isn't She Adorable!

Landrie is sitting here so prim and proper smiling with Rudolph and Clarice. Well, you should have seen her last night. I took pictures, but she was too far away to see very well.

She had her first school Christmas program. She was on the second row, smack dab in the middle. Most of the program, she was standing up while all of the other kids were sitting down. I don't think she sang one word of any song, but she was definitely the most noticed child on the stage.

Why you ask? Is it because she is so darn cute, or could it be that she had her FINGER IN HER NOSE THE ENTIRE TIME? Not just for a few minutes, but the entire 30 minute program. I am guessing that she was nervous and that was her response. We were quite proud. Since her cousins Hayden and Avery were in the program too, we had lots of family members to share this proud moment with.

Landrie didn't miss a beat. When Jennifer went to pick her up after the program, she ran with excitement and said, "Hi Mommy, did I do good?" Of course she did. She was so cute up there even with her finger in her nose.

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Gigi said...

Yes, Lolly, she is so darn cute!!
I hope someone took pictures for me at her program.
Thanks for sharing!!