Friday, October 12, 2007

Flying Fish

Flying Fish opened up in Ft. Worth a couple of months ago and we were so excited after reading reviews that a new fish restaurant was in town. We love fish and are always looking for something new and GOOD. That is hard to find.

Unfortunately we didn't have much luck. It really had a neat atmosphere. It looked like it was in an old convience store, pretty rugged on the outside, but it was very clean and neatly decorated. The rugged look is part of the decor. The inside is decorated with "Billy the Fish" decorations.

First I ordered the Crawfish Chowder. It was cold (and I mean biting into refrigerator cold potatoes) and had a strong sour cream taste. If it had been hot and a little less creamy tasting, it would have been pretty good. It had a strong spicy flavor.

I had the catfish and shrimp combo. It was okay. Not horrible, but not great. I always want great. The fries were better than average and the coleslaw was okay. Pops had the red beans and rice and they were covered in green onions. By covered, I am more onions than bean. I love green onions, so I wouldn't mind too much, but being that he hates them, he didn't even touch them. Hushpuppies were also just okay. I doubt we will go back. That is disappointing because I really wanted to like it.

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