Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday - Your Wedding Day

Annie at "My Life As Annie" is hosting Time Travel Tuesday. The prompt is to travel back in time and visit your wedding day.

Pops and I met when we were 15. All I wanted to do was get married and have babies. I got engaged when I was 20, and married at 21. My Dad told us that if we would get married at home, he would give us the money that he would spend on the wedding. We used it as a down payment for our first house.

All we wanted to do was get married and be together. We didn't want a honeymoon. We just wanted to be in our house. It was supposed to be finished around the first of November. We chose November 24th as our wedding date to allow for any delays. Unfortunately, the house was not finished because it was in the middle of deer hunting season.

We had a nice wedding and reception at home with a few close friends and family members. We went to dinner at "The Keg", which was our favorite special occasion place at the time. We decided to spend the night at "The Green Oaks Inn". We got up the next morning and went Christmas shopping all day. We had to go back to my parents house and stay there for a week. It was kind of crazy because my sister and her husband and my grandmother were also living there. One big happy family.

One of the funniest memories I have about my wedding day is that my mother-in-law asked Pops that morning if he wanted her to buy him some pajamas and a robe. He has not owned a pair of pajamas since he was in elementary school.

It has been almost 29 years and we are having a blast!


annie said...

How sweet! I think that is a wonderful way to spend the wedding money! I wish we would have done that instead of the big wedding!
Thanks for sharing your story Lolly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous to me! Excellent way to spend that money. :)