Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Have Finally Found "My Dish"

We have been to Al Biernat's several times and I have tried several different dishes, trying to find something I really like. I has all been good, but just nothing to "die over". Last night, I finally found my perfect combination.

First of all, the bread basket is wonderful. They usually have at least 3 different breads, one of them being 3 Chili Cheese Bread which is on of my favorites at Eatzi's. I started with a tossed salad. The salad was mixed greens tossed with Thousand Island Dressing, not too much, and topped with blue cheese crumbles. It was delicious.

I had Dr. Phil's favorite, the Sea Bass served on Lobster Risotto. It was perfect. The fish was thick, moist and flaky. It had a sweet buttery taste to it.

For dessert, we split the chocolate moulten cake. It is a small round piece with a crispy sugar coating with hot chocolate sauce in the middle topped with vanilla ice cream. I am not a "death by chocolate" person and this is just perfect.

I am going to go back on Friday for lunch for Tina's 50th Birthday. Can't wait!

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