Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad Experience At Pappasito's

Pappasito's (in Ft. Worth) is one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants. We took the whole family Sunday night to celebrate Lamar's 29th Birthday. Unfortunately, it was one of our worst experiences. You would have thought it was extremely busy, but it was very empty. Once we sat down, it took forever to get our drinks, chips and hot sauce.

Most of us decided to order our regular, the "Delmar". It is fajitas with brochette shrimp that are stuff with cheese and jalapenos and then wrapped in bacon and grilled. When we ordered, the waiter told us they were out of shrimp. All of us except Janelle and Jordan ended up ordering the fajitas.

We had to beg for drinks, although I don't know how he didn't see that we had empty glasses. Since he never once took anything off the table, we ended up with 18 glasses sitting on the table along with all of the empty baskets from chips (that were never refilled).

When we finally got our food, we sat there for another good 10 minutes waiting for tortillas. When the manager brought the last of the food, we asked for tortillas and he responded very rudely and it was forever before we got any.

He brought out Jordan's dinner, which was completely wrong and it had the brochette shrimp on it that we were told they were out of.

Since the waiter never removed a single plate, basket or glass, the table looked like a complete disaster area. At least the food was good, because the service was the worst! It is a good thing we love Pappasito's because this experience would make me never want to come back.

Happy Birthday Lamar, aka "My Daddy" and "Damar".


Gigi said...

How rude.......I hope you didn't leave a tip!!! Are they always that way?

Lolly said...

They never are. It is always very good. We did leave 15% because we felt sorry for the waiter. He acted so experienced that he must have been new, because he didn't have a clue! The manager is another story, just rude or having a bad day.