Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Worst Meal In A Long Time

Pops had a speaking engagement in Arlington Friday night, so we decided we would forget the reception and go eat someplace new. We decided on Piccolo Mondo, an Italian restaurant that has been open for about 25 years. According to the website, they have won several awards, but it looks like they were all in the mid 90's.

We ordered the special appetizer scallops. They were mushy and in a tasteless broth. I had the Lasagna and Pops had a stuffed chicken breast. His chicken was very bland. My Lasagna tasted like gooey noodles with unseasoned ricotta cheese and a bitter tomato sauce. The meat was textured mush. I think canned Chef Boyardee would have been better.

We decided to skip dessert since everything else was bad. Not a great experience.

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