Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Another Bad Meal - Planet Burrito

Yesterday afternoon, Pops and I were on the phone trying to decide where to go to dinner. We have not had Chipotle in a while so we decided to go there.

He got home early last night and we were in the car at 6:30. We have this rule (which really applies more to the weekend) that we can't come home before it is dark. Since Chipotle would be too quick, we decided to try something new along the same lines, Planet Burrito. It was our first and last visit.

I got the chicken that sounded so good. It was marinated in a citrus sauce with lots of spices. It was so bland. It didn't taste like it even had any salt on it. The rice didn't have any seasoning or salt either and it was supposed to be tomato chipotle rice. The guacamole was also bland. We are not sure what kind of meat Pops had. He asked for the steak, but it looked more like shredded beef. It actually had a pretty good flavor. Lots of choices, but nothing looked fresh like Chipotle.

Can you guess where we are going tonight?

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Gigi said...

With a name like Planet Burrito, I'm not sure I would have stopped. Maybe you should try having Jennifer cook for you...she has had some good receipes posted lately. I am going to give a few of them a try!
Wish I could see Karsyn walking...oh my, Lolly, they are growing up to fast!!