Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TV Land Update - Holding My Breath for Tonight

Well, two down and one to go. Andy ended up picking Tessa and I was happy with that. I do think he seemed to have more chemistry and fun with Bevin, but Tessa is more wife material for someone who has a structured medical career in the military.

I was happy with Apollo winning DWTS. He is a great dancer and they definitely have chemistry. I am willing to bet that it is off screen as well as on. You can't be that close to someone for hours and hours each week and dance like that and "just be good friends."

I thought Blake performed well in his first song, but if you had your back to the TV, or were listening to his songs on the radio, you would be saying, "Who in the world is that?" He just did not sound that great and was a little flat at times.

Jordin did a great job and if she is this good at 17, can you imagine what she will be like with all of the writers, producers and coaches? She is definitely my choice for the next American Idol.

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