Sunday, May 20, 2007

Server Can Put Damper On Your Dinner

Last night, we went to Al Biernat's with Badger and Amy for our monthly dinner. We really look forward to catching up and we had lots of that going on last night. We had a reservation at 9 so it was a late night.

When we sat down, our server greeted us. (I am granting him grace as God as so often granted me and not giving his name, even though I know it well). I will call him Bubba. When we told him we didn't want bottled water or anything from the wine list, the descent started. I did do him a favor and "ordered from the bar", a Dr. Pepper.

Since it was about 9:30 when we were eating, and I didn't want to have a miserable night of sleep becauce I was miserabley stuffed, I ordered a salad (wedge with 1000 Island and blue cheese crumbles sprinkled with bacon), crab and corn chowder and Pops and I split a dessert (moulten chocolate cake with ice cream). Pops had the fish special, and Badger and Amy split the lamb chops and had salad and shrimp cocktail and a side of potatoes and split a dessert.

Well, when Bubba found out we were not all ordering entrees along with no alcohol, things went from bad to worse. Amy had a great description of his expression - "He looks like he just smelled cauliflower." I wanted to say, "Hey Bubba, we are very generous people and we will tip you very good if you don't act rude to us."

Our food was all very good. Bubba got miffed again when we asked him to split the check. While he was at the table next to us cleaning up (and obviously listening to our conversation, Amy thought she would be funny and ask me when I had to get my review of the restaurant submitted. Bubba was very friendly and thanking us as we left. . .I wonder why it took him so long to warm up?


tspanno said...

I just read your blog cover to cover...okay maybe not all, but I really got wrapped up in your restaurant reviews! I love food and I am always looking for a new place to eat!! Tom and I have had several similar dining experiences with the sharing of entrees and not ordering an alcoholic beverage, so I know what you mean! Little do they know, Tom is an "over-tipper" if anything, so if they would just give us good service, we would give them a large tip, no matter what we order!! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!!

Lolly said...

Thanks for you comment Stacy. We are overtippers too and I think that is why it makes me so mad! Glad you enjoyed it.