Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Am Liking Taco Diner

The first time Pops took me to Taco Diner, I was not happy. He had been several times for lunch and really liked it. I thought it was bland and I didn't like the stark atmosphere at all. I told him I would never go back. Every time he told me he had gone to lunch at Taco Diner, I would tell him he was crazy.

When they opened a new Taco Diner in Southlake, I decided to give it another try. Each time I go, I am liking it more. They have two hot sauces (red and green) that I add a little sugar to that are really good. A little sugar in hot sauce is my new thing, and it makes all hot sauces good. It takes away the acidic taste and really perks up the flavor. The chips are not anything to write home about.

I had the Chicken Tacos Al Pastor. They bring you a plate of condiments that include cilantro, lime, finely chopped onion and jalapeno honey paste. All of that can make any taco good. The tacos are served on fresh soft corn tortillas. Pops always gets the cheese enchiladas with a bold red sauce with grilled chicken on top. I took a bite and I actually really liked it.

I am becoming a fan.

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Janelle & Ella said...

I will definitely have to try the Taco Diner in Southlake. I've tried the one in Las Colinas and also was not impressed. However, I have never tried the sugar thing in the salsa. I will absolutely try that next time I eat Mexican food.
our vacation was amazing! Thank you for your sweet comment!! You are right, we needed that rejuvination!