Thursday, March 29, 2007

American Idol

If any of you out there watch American Idol, I am wondering if you feel about this season like I do. I am not very happy. I loved it last season, couldn't wait to be home from the restaurant in time to watch every minute. This season is just plain boring and I think a scam. It is no longer a singing contest. If these are the absolute top 10 singers in America, then I think we are in trouble.

If I have to look at Sanjaya one more week, I am going to get sick. I used to feel sorry for him, but he has now gotten really cocky and I can't stand it. If he makes it to the top 2, I won't be watching anymore and I hope the show will just go away.

I used to feel sorry for Haley because she is way out of her league. But apparently from her appearance the last couple of weeks, she has decided that if she can't win people over by her voice, she will just flaunt her great body and see how many votes she can get from that. It appears to be working. I was afraid that she was going to let it all hang out with her halter top last week.

Phil just might sing a little better if he would get rid of those hats. He is working so hard to keep them on sideways to cover one ear that he can focus on singing. That hats need to stay in the closet. Blake and Chris are really nice and I want them to do well, but they have been a little boring lately.

I like Gina. I love Melinda and Lakisha. I love Jordin too, but she seems to be getting a little to over confident. Her age is showing through just a tad, and what was that outfit she was wearing???? I did like the grey boots.

Can't wait til next week. Hopefully everyone will step it up a notch and act like they want to be the next American Idol.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

All true.

I was sad Chris Sligh left this week. I liked him. But they were right about the tempo problems, and anyway I didn't vote so I guess I can't complain.

Much as I like Melinda's voice, I have a feeling I wouldn't buy her album, because I never know the songs she sings and I'm thinking I wouldn't like the style of her music.

Lolly said...

Kelli, I agree with you. Isn't it true what Simon always says. If you heard some of them on the radio and didn't know who they were, you wouldn't give them a second chance.

Gigi2 said...

Well, I am not an American Idol watcher....wouldn't mind being one if I could ever remember when it was coming on! That's what the 50's do for ya! However, I did watch it last time and wondered what in the world all the fuss was over watching the number one show I hear so much about. Even my granddaughter told me she watches American Idol and she's only 3! I wasn't impressed, and I hope it gets better because I'd like to be a part of the American Idol shop talk the next day! :) Gigi