Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I hate to sound like a bragging Grandmother, but does it get any cuter than that???? The killer is that they are even much sweeter than they are cute. Words can not explain how much we all love these two.

We had a very low key Valentine's day. It was sooo cold outside, I decided to stay home all day and let them take long naps (I got a little one in their too). This is very unusual for me, but I didn't even get dressed until 4:00. Now, for those of you who are not from Texas, that doesn't means that I had pj's on all day. I had on clothes, just no make up or hair fixed to the point that I would let anyone see me.

Pops and I went to Al Biernat's for dinner. This was our second time to go and I liked it better than the first. It has a great reputation. This is where all the "movers and shakers" go. We move and we shake a little bit some times, but we don't quite fit into that same category. Troy and Rhonda Aikman were there, so I guess you could say we had our Valentine dinner with them.

I am learning what to order each time. The bread is great. They bring a basket with several different kinds. I loved my salad. There are about 10 choices, but I ordered the basic salad with 1000 Island and Blue Cheese and it was good. I got Chicken Piccata and it was okay. Wouldn't order it again. Pops ordered the Sea Bass on top of Lobster Risotto (Dr. Phil's favorite when he is in town). The risotto was great. You can get it as a side dish and I will definitely try that next time. For dessert we had a warm moulten chocolate cake with ice cream. Need I say more?


Gigi2 said...

How cute is this! What beautiful grandchildren we have! They are adorable. It just doesn't get any better than this! Give them lots of loving from Gigi and Grandpa!

Gigi2 said...

Oops, forgot to comment on your Valentine Dinner. It sounds good to me and what a treat to dine with Troy and Rhonda...huuu,la-la!