Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictures for GiGi and Janelle

Since GiGi and Janelle live far away and don't get to see the girls, they rely on my blog for their "Landrie/Karsyn" fix daily. I have not taken a lot of picture lately and you can see why. I keep getting the same smile. This is the little girl who used to pose so good. Now all she wants to do is silly faces and as you can see, she is trying to teach Karsyn.

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Gigi2 said...

Oh, what a silly big sister! Karsyn seems to be ok with her sister teaching her a new way to smile! I wander if her daddy had anything to do with this. He didn't and still doesn't like picture taking either!! I got a great laugh out of this one...Thanks Lolly!! I can hardly wait to see them!