Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cowgirl Landrie

This week, at Landrie's preschool it is Western Week. Landrie is so excited. They made a horse out of a yardstick and tomorrow, all the kids will participate in the rodeo.

Gymboree recently had a cowboy line, Landrie has plenty to wear. I wanted to take her picture yesterday and she was not real crazy about it. This is the best I could do.

This morning she is having a real pity party. She has moped around this house several times saying she wants her GiGi and Grandpa. Earlier I took away a sharp letter opener and she was crying and saying she couldn't find her GiGi.

GiGi, I am glad you are coming for a visit. She really misses you!


Gigi2 said...

Oh my, I would come now if only I could!! What a pretty cowgirl!! Thank you Lolly for the pictures and the notes. My heart is hurting for the girls. I miss them alot. I get on the computer lst thing to see if there are any new pictures or stories and if not, then I just look at the old ones!! Tell her Gigi and Grandpa love her and we are coming really soon! Take pictures of the rodeo for me. Gigi

Lolly said...

I know you miss them so much and that is one of the reasons why I put their picture on my blog, which is supposed to be about eating. I could just eat them up! You don't need to worry, she remembers her GiGi and Grandpa daily. She is always telling some kind of story about you and what she did with you.