Monday, December 4, 2006

Lots of Food

This past week, we have eaten a lot of food. Tuesday night we went to dinner at Hibiscus. It was good. This was a business dinner, so we did not order from the menu. I was forced to try something new besides my old favorites. I had the braised short rib. It was delicious. When I cut the first bite with my fork, I thought I had cut into a big piece of fat because it was so tender. The whole thing was that way. I am still craving my crab dip, so I will have to go back soon. The dessert was great. They brought out a huge tray with chocolate cake, apple crisp with lavender ice cream and white chocolate cheese cake.

Thursday night we went out with some friends from our Home Team at our church. We went to Rio Mambo. The food was good, but the company was much better. Tom and Donna own a castle/hotel in Scotland and we talked about going there this summer with them and Jim and Kathy. It looks awesome.

Friday night was graduation. The speaker was Raymond Nasher. He had a great talk and was genuinely a very nice man. One of the trustees always hosts a dinner with the graduation speaker , administrators and some faculty members. It is at the La Cima Club. The dinner was great, but we didn't start eating until close to 10:00, so I was half asleep by then.

Saturday night after church, Justin wanted to get a steak. We went to Kirby's. Food was good, but they changed the menu and my favorite steak has been taken off. My favorite crab cakes had also been taken off, but they did make them, so that is what I had.

Sunday night, we met some friends at Pop's favorite place, Javier's. We have been going there for about 20 years and ordering the same thing. We get the filet that is stuffed with cheese and has a great red sauce over it. We usually get crepes for dessert, but ordered the Tres Leches cake. Someone told us last week that it was the best they have ever tasted. It tasted like all the rest in the city to us, so we won't be doing that again.

Tonight, just Whataburger.

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