Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Tina's Birthday Lunch at Dixie House Cafe

Today, one of my best friends turned 49. We always celebrate birthdays by going to lunch. On birthdays, you have to go some place different than Celebrity Bakery. We eat at Celebrity (will write about that later) usually 3 times a week, so on your birthday it has to be something different.

Notice, I didn't say "special." Due to time constraints, we had to go somewhere close and quick, so we chose Dixie House Cafe since we have never been there together for lunch. It is a home style cooking kind of place.

Before I tell you about our lunch, let me tell you a little about Tina. Pops went to Jr. High and High School with Tina. Matter of fact, the first girl that ever kissed him was Tina's sister, Julie. I had heard her name, but never met her. Close to 20 years ago, the lot next door to us was sold and a new house was being built. The month before the neighbor's moved in, we met them. It was Tina. She had 3 children that were close in age to mine and we all became fast friends. (My children call her their "Fairy Godmother").

We were only separated by a driveway and a back door. She lived there for about 5 years and moved when she divorced. Those were some of the best times. Although not next door, she lives about 2 miles away and we still see each other several times a week.

Tina's oldest son Matt and my daughter Jennifer remained friends. They each married and now they along with their spouses are great friends. About 2 weeks ago, Jennifer and her family moved to the same street as Matt and Missy. They are now getting to experience all the fun that we had living close together.

I keep reminding Tina that there is a house for sale in our neighborhood just waiting for her and Ted to move into.

Anyway, back to our lunch. We saw that the special of the day was "Stuffed Bell Peppers." We usually don't like to get the same thing (since we like to have a taste of everything), but we did. We also had the "Twice Baked Potatoes" and cabbage. The potatoes and cabbage were good, but we were disappointed in the stuffed peppers. They were pretty bland. Tasted like ground hamburger meat with a few tomatoes and rice.

The rolls at Dixie House are great. They are huge. We couldn't resist dessert (since it was her birthday of course), so she had the lemon meringue (if there is anything lemon on the menu she is going to order it) and I had the coconut cream. The crust of the lemon was perfectly brown, but the filling needed more lemon flavor and a lot more sugar. The filling in the coconut was good, but the crust was pale and soggy.

Even though the food was just average, as always we had a great time and didn't run out of things to talk about. We probably need to have lunch tomorrow to finish the conversations that were started but not finished.

Happy Birthday Tina!

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