Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday Night at Pappasito's

Pop's and I decided that we needed a Mexican fix last night. It has been a few days, so we went to one of our favorites, Pappasito's in Ft. Worth. I have written about it previously.

We are trying to be healthy, so we decided that we are going to start splitting meals and save a few calories. We split the "Del Mar." This is really nothing new, because when we order the "Del Mar", we always spit it. It is lots of beef fajita meat served with 4 shrimp that are stuffed with cheese and peppers, wrapped in bacon, and grilled. It also comes with rice, bean, guacamole, pico and lots of hot homemade tortillas. It was as good as always. I hate to admit it publicly, but my favorite part of the whole meal is after we are finished, I get a tortilla and scrape the serving platter to get all of the cooked on steak bits, cheese and garlic butter that are left behind. That is usually my dessert.

Since we are trying to be healthy, we discussed dessert before we left the house. I thought we were not ordering it, but Pop's memory is a little different than mine and he insisted that we get the huge ice cream ball, coated in toasted coconut and pecans with hot caramel on top. I ate about 6 bites and he had the rest. How is that for cutting the calories?

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