Thursday, August 3, 2006

Lunch At Red Robin With Jordy

Since Thursday is "maid day", we had to make plans to leave the house. We have to get the house cleaned before they come, and make our quick exit once they arrive.
Since Lamar doesn't officially start school until tomorrow, the girls stayed home with him, so I had my last "free day" for awhile.

I was going to hang out with Janelle and Jordan, but Janelle got called into work. Jordan and I had a few errands, like a Target run, Bed Bath and Beyond (to check on some curtain rods for Jennifer), and to pick up a couple of presents for Pops, who turns 49 in a couple of weeks.

We got hungry before going to the mall so we decided to do something different and go to Red Robin (I haven't been there in several years and was reminded why).

Michael was our "exciting" waiter. In a very monotone voice, he introduced himself and told us that he was glad we chose to eat at Red Robin. We really felt special because we could tell that he was very sincere. The excitement in his voice never waivered the entire meal.

We each had burgers. They were just okay, nothing to write home about. That will be our last visit for awhile.

From there, we ventured out to the mall. Found Pops two great gifts and I found some shoes at Dillard's for me at 1/2 price. Pretty exciting. Not real comfortable, but after looking at Famous Footwear, Target, and DSW, I was happy to find anything. We have graduation and a dinner tomorrow night and my "brown cheese graters" would just not work. Too painful, even though I will be sitting down most of the night. (This name was given by Jennifer to my brown shoes that feel like they are grating your feet when you wear them. She borrowed them once and has never asked to again).

Haven't decided on dinner tonight, but I think we will have the whole clan. Jennifer has suggested the "gas station." Yes, that is correct, we may be eating at the gas station tonight. I will give details later.

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