Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Brinner at Texas Land and Cattle Co.

Yes, you read it correctly. When we go out to eat with Jan, it is never just for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is so much to catch up with in her crazy life that we have to go out for all three. Jan, Jodi, Tina and I all met up at Texas Land and Cattle Co. last night at 7:00. When we sat down, we told our great servers, Jason and Jared that we would be there for awhile. I'm not sure they realized how long it would be, but they went home before we did. They gave us excellent service and we had a great meal. They were very attentive. I think they were enjoying listening to the crazy conversation that was going on.

How crazy is Jan's life? The "cliff notes" are that after 25 years of marriage, her husband left her, while her mother was dying, for a "girl" that is 20+ years younger than him. Shortly after he left, she found out her 16 year old was pregnant and that his "girl" was also pregnant (and has since had a 2nd baby), and they are still not divorced, even though it was filed 2 years ago.

Anyway, we all decided to have the Monday night special, all you can eat "Smoked Sirloin." It was very good. It came with 2 sides. I had the baked potato and a salad. I was full after the first serving. The sirloin was very heavily seasoned with spices and lots of pepper, smoked and then thinly sliced.

To celebrate Tina's birthday just one more time, we had the B-Bar-A Brownie, which was a warm brownie with a hint of expresso, served with caramel and fudge and ice cream. The brownie was one of the best I have ever tasted.

We left the restaurant around 10:45 and then stood in the parking lot for another 30 minutes trying to finish all of the conversations that were started. (We were also trying to help Tina come up with an alibi for how she got to smelling like "smoked sirloin" while she was supposed to be at work).


Mama-Bear said...

Some of you were in the parking lot for only 30 minutes! I almost called you on the way home but figured you had been asleep for quite sometime. Yum...I'm ready to go back for the sirloin. I'm glad you didn't tell how much I ate!

GJ said...

Pictures sure speak a THOUSAND WORDS!!! Even though you said the service was great, you didn't say how great LOOKING our server was....HA! JK...but when Haley and I checked this out, she DID want to know who the guy in my lap was....HA! I still do not think she believes me that it was the waiter...Oh well, maybe she just thinks my life is in need of a few more juicy rumors...