Monday, May 2, 2011

Great Weekend - Great New Restaurant

We had a great Easter Weekend. Our weekend always start on Thursday. Thursday night we went to Catfish Sam's in Arlington. We had a great meal and we had a groupon, so our bill for the night was $3.04. Not bad at all.

We decided to go to church on Friday night. We went to our new church, It was a great service with a great message. Before we went to LifeChurch, we went to our favorite area in Ft. Worth, Crockett St. We tried a new restaurant, Hacienda San Miguel. It was great. They have a really neat patio. We chose to sit inside since it was about 90 degrees, but definitely want to it again soon.

The food was great. We ordered guacamole, which was some of the best we have ever tried, and we both had the Enchiladas Con Crema Poblano. We decided not to have dessert since it was so early. We headed to church and then after church, we went to Dairy Queen so that Pop's could get the ice cream sandwich he had been craving for a week.

Saturday night, we went to the movies before dinner. We went to see Water For Elephants. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! After the movie, we went to Campania Pizza. Our favorite pizza is the Quatro Forgammi. No tomato sauce, just lots of cheese.

To finish the weekend, we had a family dinner and Easter Egg Hunt with about 35 people. Always a blast!

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