Saturday, July 31, 2010

No Anejo's Post

Not because it wasn't good. Don't know. We didn't get to try it.

We go out to dinner most nights. If we don't, it is usually because we are having a family dinner. I just can't stay home at night, and especially on a weekend night. During the week, we usually decide at the last minute where we are going, but on the weekend, it is a planned event.

We had planned to go to Anejo's. We have had people working on the house the last couple of weeks. The tile guys started yesterday morning. We knew it would take at least two days. What we didn't know is that it was going to be days and NIGHTS. Last night, we kept thinking, maybe they will leave around 6. Maybe they will leave around 7. I hear them taking plastic outside. They must be cleaning up. Maybe 7:30. I see one guy leave with an empty bucket. I see him come back with a full bucket or mortar. I give up at 8:45 and go pick up El Paisa. Finally at 9:55, they left. I felt sorry for them for working so hard and long. They had to stop by another house to pick up another crew and said they would be back this morning at 9.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to go out. Have other plans for the rest of this weekend and the next couple of weekends, so we will try Anejo's sometime in the future.

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Layniegurl said...

Just curious if you ever tried Anejo's?? I went for the first time last weekend and didn't have a great experience. I REALLY wanted to like it though.