Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maui - Day #1

As excited as I was about going to Maui, I was dreading the flight. I have a hard time sitting still for a long time. Thank you to my little "flying" pills, I made it just fine.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed when we were driving in from the airport. When you look to your left, there is the beautiful ocean. When looking to the right, it is dead brown mountain area. You can't believe you are even remotely close to a beach.

We arrived at 3 p.m and by the time we got our car and baggage and got to the hotel, it was about 5. We stayed at the Hyatt. The hotel was gorgeous, but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the room. It is funny to me how room decor changes from state to state. The nicest of hotels in Hawaii don't really compare to Vegas or even Austin.

As you are walking through the hotel, there are several animals. Penguins, different beautifully colored birds, flamingos and swans. Lots of beautiful plants and flowers, waterfalls and ponds.

This is the view from the walkway between the pool and the beach.

Another area through the hotel gardens.

This is the view from our room.

As is normal Lolly fashion, I already had dinner reservations booked. I always like to have at least the first night planned out so that when we get there and are tired, we don't have to search for where to go.

We chose Duke's. We had eaten at Duke's in Honolulu and loved it. We were not disappointed at all. I had the terriyaki kabob with beef and chicken and coconut shrimp. It was delicious.

As much as we were dying to check everything out, we were so exhausted and couldn't wait to get to bed. We got back to the hotel at around 9:30, and that is 2:30 Texas time.

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