Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tacky Christmas Party

My niece, had a Tacky Christmas Party on Sunday night. She let a few of the old folks crash her party. I hope it becomes an annual event and I get to go again. She threw this together at the last minute and did a great job. We had a blast!

Since we were out of town when this party was planned, we didn't have much time to get our outfits together. We found some hats, but next year we will do much better. I am already planning what I am wearing.

One rule that has been implemented is that you can not wear the same outfit. That will really change my shopping for next Christmas.

In good Tacky fashion, we had casseroles. I brought mine in aluminum foil pans since I don't like to have to wash dishes when I get home. That was another rule that was implemented for next year. All disposable pan.

We had a contest for the best outfit, and Leasha won. The pictures just don't do her lovely dress justice. It was a beautiful gold sequin number with a silver poinsettia in the middle. Her hair was 1980's style.

While I loved Leasha's outfit, I voted for my sister because I couldn't believe that she actually went to the store and bought this and WORE IT. That is not her nature. She made sure that she had earrings and a necklace to match.
She and Tim worked hard to get to the party. His shirt took lots of sewing and they even made a homemade ornament out of tensil and a toilet paper roll. They were classy enough to nicely wrap it in a Jared's bag.

I wish this was a full view of Whitney because she had it going on. 1980's hair. All that was missing was the "baked potato bangs".

Gifts ranged from singing lobsters, singing nativity animals (in their original voices), a tacky roller (it was supposed to be a tacky gift), used VHS tapes, crazy socks, ceramic frog and lots more fun stuff.
Can't wait for next year. I have a long time to plan for this.

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Shanty 2 Chic said...

LOLOLOLOLOL! So glad you got pictures! I haven't seen these! I'm sorry I missed it but I'll be there next year!!!!! ~Ashley