Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ellerbe - Update

I decided to give Ellerbe another try, since I loved the atmosphere so much. I so wanted it to be great. I took four friends with me.

The joke was on me. On my first trip, I wrote about how the hostess had a little bit of an attitude. This time, it was much worse. The owner was pleasant, but it went down hill from there. Now, I don't expect everyone to be my best friend in a restaurant, and I actually like to keep my personal space, but rudeness? As my friend Amy said about the waiter, "He does not act pleased to be serving us."

He wasn't the only waiter with an attitude. We had to beg for bread, and the food was very mediocre.

I am sad for the owner because he has a great concept and I predict that he won't be open for long. You can't sustain a restaurant with mediocre food and bad attitudes. I really would love to see this restaurant succeed, but until changes are made, I think it is very doubtful.

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