Monday, May 4, 2009

Conversation With Landrie

I love this kid! She is always saying the funniest things.

This afternoon, she said, "Um, Lolly, I need to talk to you upstairs in private." Since Jennifer and Karsyn were in the room, I thought she was going to talk to me about a Mother's Day surprise for Jennifer. We went back into my bedroom.

She said, "Could I have a piece of candy?" Of course, I said yes. I have special candy for the girls and they know that I will always let them have it. Jennifer does not always say yes, so Landrie has gotten to where she asks me when Jennifer is not around.

She then said, "Thanks! Giving me candy is just like giving a dog a treat."

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Gigi2 said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing Lolly!

York Family said...

How precious is that??!! Priceless!

Janelle said...

OMG I love that little girl more than imaginable!!

Cristel said...

seriously, she reminds me of my kids. that is exactly something both of mine would do. they did that all the time when martina still lived close by. she gave them ANYTHING they wanted. that's why my kids like dr. pepper, gum, and mints.