Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Treats

My birthday is coming up soon. While I don't like to recognize my birthdays anymore, I love the treats that come with having a birthday. Long ago, I would fill out the info sheets at restaurants and as it gets close to my birthday, I start getting all kinds of thing by mail and email.

Yesterday, I received a free prime rib dinner from the Keg. Today by email, I received a free Sunday brunch buffet from Blue Mesa.

As I was reading the paper this weekend, I came across this website. Free Birthday Treats. Looks like some fun stuff I need to sign up for.

Keep the treats coming!

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Janelle and Ella said...

Happy Birthday Lolly!

Have you already been to the Keg for your birthday dinner? The reason I ask is because my husband was laid off several months ago and in his attempts at finding another job, took a waiter position at the Keg for in the mean time. So I was just thinking it would be fun if he was your waiter. And if you like bleu cheese, the bleu cheese filet is amazing. :-)