Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Book Club

I am in a book club. One of my best friends started it because she wanted to sound smart. There is something sophisticated about saying you belong to a book club. Don't worry, I'm not saying I'm smart. The group has read about 10 books, and I think I have actually read 3, maybe 4. I have bought most of them and they are on my nightstand. They just get trumped out by People magazine.

Last summer we read a Barbara Delinsky book, "The Secret Between Us". We are currently reading another one of hers right now, "While My Sister Sleeps".

Barbara Delinsky came to Ft. Worth last month and some of the girls in our group went to see her. She was very nice and we enjoyed getting to meet her. There is something about meeting the author and hearing about what she wrote that makes a book more personal. The night we met her she had just found out that "While My Sister Sleeps" made the New York Times Best Sellers list.

For our meeting next month, she is calling in for about a 45 minutes discussion. It should be fun.

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KirkKrew said...

I can't wait. I haven't figured out who's watching the girls yet, but I WILL be there! Are you finished with the book yet? You should let me read it this weekend.