Saturday, November 8, 2008

Santa Is Coming!!!

That's right. I just read in the paper that Santa will arrive at North East Mall today. This is just a week after Halloween. In my world, I don't think he should come until the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I get an earlier start with Christmas than most people. Since I take my decorations down on Christmas day or the 26th, I usually have them up by Thanksgiving . . . Or the weekend before. . or the weekend before that. Usually not before the 15th. I don't turn any outside decorations on until Thanksgiving night.

I used to put them up Thanksgiving weekend, but when the kids went off to college, I wanted the house to be all decorated for them when they came home for the holiday.

So, I guess I will put my tree up next weekend. I hope it won't be 80 degrees. That just doesn't seem right.

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KirkKrew said...

It's funny that you mentioned the tree up next weekend. I had thought about getting mine up before Home Team Sunday. We'll see though - it seems too early!

Gigi2 said...

I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving. It just seems too early for the holidays!