Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Desperately Need to Clean Out My Cabinets!!!

It is scary to think what I might find in there. 99.9% of the time, my house is in perfect order. I can't stand for anything to be out of place. That DOES NOT count my cabinets or closets. They are both pretty disastrous. I am always saying I need to clean them out, but since that is not fun, I just don't find time to do it. Be careful if you open my cabinet doors, because you might get injured by falling objects.

This past weekend, I bought some new wash rags. Before I washed them and put them away, I decided to throw out all the old ones to make room for the new ones. This is what I found in my cabinet.

I have no idea how long it has been in there, but I do know that we have been permanently out of the baby making business for over 15 years. It was a 2 pack and 1 was gone. I thought about giving it to some of my younger friends, but according to the expiration date, it expired 4 years ago. I thought they might need it if they accept this challenge at our church.

Scary to think what else might be hiding in my cabinets. We have lived here for 22 years.

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Way More Homemade said...

Oh my goodness... I'm wondering if one of your girls is blushing right now.

And I heard about that challenge... seems a little weird to me.

Lolly said...

The test was mine, just really really old.

As far as the challenge goes, you need to listen to the entire message to fully understand it. I think it is great and much needed for many marriages.

Sex is something that was created by God and intended to bring a husband and a wife closer together. It is the only need a person has that can only be met by a spouse.

In busy lives, sex gets put on the back burner for many people. The "oneness" of marriage drifts. The couple drifts apart and that void is attempted to be filled by other things or other people.

For people that have that issue, it is a great challenge to physically get back together as one,and hopefully emotionally.

I have SEVERAL friends that this is an issue for and I can't think of a better way to get back on track.

We like to be the "honors" students so we have completed our homework before the assignment has been given :)

Way More Homemade said...


I totally get that. And I agree with everything you just said. It's just that when you hear the "soundbite" it makes it sound like that's the only focus. There are so many more levels to intimacy and for a healthy marriage, like I believe you have, all cylinders have to be firing (to use a car analogy... Mike would be so proud). Friendship, deep commitment, and physical intimacy. I hope that he is giving other challenges as well, is all I'm saying.

Ok - I'm out. :)

See ya soon (at Chipotle)!

gigi said...

Y'all are like in the AP class, but I don't think you honors students get extra credit here. You were supposed to wait until he said ready-set-go.
I'll bet your kids are saying "ewwwww TMI"!

Thanks for opening your cabinets to us. That took guts!

KirkKrew said...

I missed Lolly's comment before. Thanks Gigi - that was too much!!! :)

Stacy P. said...

You go Lolly! Also, I think people would have to attend our church or at least listen to past series' in order to see where his heart really is when he is talking about intimacy in marriage. You are exactly right when you say that many marriages are struggling and this could be part of the solution!!

***Note for "way more homemade"...our pastor actually discussed the physical, emotional, and spiritual sides of marriage tonight! They also challenged us tonight to PRAY for all marriages, so our only challenge is not to just have sex for 7 days. You should check out the entire series is a great one!!

Gigi2 said...

I have listened to the challenge and I am cracking up! But, really, I agree with you Lolly. Alot of marriages have gone stale...and this attitude of his is a good one. I will pray for all marriages, especially mine. I think we used to be in the GT class, but I think we have slipped into the "mentally challenged" class. Thanks for sharing. I wish I lived in the Ft Worth area....I would definitly be a member of Fellowship Church! I follow Ed Young's lessons occassionaly on line and really enjoy it when we are in the area to attend.