Wednesday, October 29, 2008

El Paisa - Revisited

Finding the perfect dish that you like is key to liking a restaurant. When I find one I like, I very rarely will order anything different.

I will usually try a restaurant a few times before I write it off as "just not that great".

I have been to El Paisa in Bedford 4 times since it opened and just didn't like it. I thought that everything I tried was bland. I have not been there in about a year. Last weekend, Jennifer had some queso from El Paisa and said she thought it was some of the best she has ever had. That was a throwdown. Sunday night, we had to give it another try.

I ordered the fajita beef taco on a flour tortilla and topped it with queso. I also tried a tamale and some guacamole. It was all very good along with the rice and beans. I was pleasantly surprised. I would not have given it another try if Jennifer had not told me about the queso.

I will definitely go again. It just might get into the weekly rotation. This is a great example of finding the perfect dish.

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Janelle said...


Is this the place in the old Dairy Queen?

You know i'll like it since I love me some queso!!