Monday, September 29, 2008

Restaurant Week In Review

Here is the list from the week, with some opinions :)

20th - Mercado Juarez - Ft. Worth - We were trying to think of something different. We used to go here many years ago, but have not been in a while. I had the fajitas and they were pretty good. (We don't go to the Arlington location because years ago, they got a terrible score from the health department. I am not very forgiving of that.)
21st - La Hacienda Ranch - We didn't quite get our Mexican fix for the weekend, so we had to go to one of our favorites. Good as always.
22nd - Ken's Burgers - If you like a burger with a thin patty (my favorite), this is a great place. They have grilled buns and grilled and raw onions. They have good french fries, but they have changed them since the last time we were there. Pops was not happy about the change, but they were still good.
23rd - Pollo Campero - I have been here a few times, but this was Pops first time. I love the grilled chicken (very flavorful and citrus tasting) and black beans and rice. They also have fried chicken, which I tried for the first time. I like the grilled, Pops likes the fried. I like it, but I am not sure I can get Pops to go back.
24th - Jason's - A favorite in our weekly rotation. I love the salad bar.
25th - We went to a lecture series and reception for Craig Hall, who is a big time real estate investor. It was interesting to hear his opinion on the current financial crisis since he has been in the business for over 30 years; and has gone from rags to riches, back to rags, and riches again. The reception was catered by Consilient restaurants, which owns several of our favorites. We had the Brisket Sliders and Mac and Cheese from The Porch, and they were so good. I could have eaten a whole lot more, but since it was a small reception and I was talking to several people, I did not want to look like a pig.
26th - J. R.'s Steakhouse - I love steak, but my favorite part of the meal is the salad, sides and bread. We had the grilled lobster on cheddar corn grits for an appetizer. It was delicious. The wedge salad was a disappointment. I love blue cheese and theirs was funky. The bread was just outright horrible. The steak was one of the best I have had in a long time and the potatoes that came with it were really good.
27th - Pappasito's - Always a favorite. I always get the Del Mar, beef fajitas with shrimp that is stuffed with a jalapeno, cheese, bacon wrapped and grilled.
28th - Cafe Medi - It is a Greek restaurant that we tried for the first time. It was really good, and I will definitely go back. I love Gyro's and theirs did not disappoint. Pops had snapper topped with crab. The rice was exceptionally good.

For lunch this week, I branched out a little from my usual Celebrity. I tried Cero's Hero's in Grapevine. It has been there from many many years. It was good, but not something I am dying to rush back for. They are a cash only establishment, and that causes great concern when I am having to dig through my change to find enough.

I went back to Boo Boo's in Arlington to have their famous Chicken Salad with my favorite Spike seasoning. I had to taste the Chicken Salad one more time because I am getting ready to make some (literally after I finish this post) and wanted to make sure I had the right ingredients. I think I have it down now.

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Janelle and Ella said...

I LOVE your Restaurant Week in Review because a lot of the places you review are in our neighborhood so it gives me lots of dining ideas!