Thursday, September 18, 2008

Growing Up Too Fast

Landrie is growing up way to fast for her Lolly. I still want her to want to wear what we pick out for her and for her to watch "The Wonder Pets". She has other ideas.

Yesterday, we were sitting in the car and she heard some different voices on the radio. She asked me, "Why do they have different voices?" I answered that God made all of us different.

Then she said, "I want brown hair." You see, she has yellow hair and she doesn't like yellow hair. I told her I got to my hair salon every month and pay lots of money to get yellow hair. She said, "Will you take me there so I can get brown hair?" I think she is feeling like the odd man out because everyone else in her family has brown hair. I understand because growing up, I was the only one out of five with blonde hair and blue eyes. But it is true. . . blondes have more fun.

Landrie's 5th birthday is in a couple of week. Jennifer has planned a great party at a pumpkin patch in Flower Mound. She has all this cute pumpkin stuff picked out. Landrie DOES NOT want it. She wants Camp Rock with Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. That is all she can talk about.

We know Demi's family through church and Janelle did Demi's hair for a music video about 4 years ago. We have told Landrie and so she always refers to Demi as "my friend Demi". She whispered to me yesterday, "Can you email Demi?"

Oh my goodness, she is only 5! She's talking about hair color, celebrities and email.

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Janelle said...

She told me she was having a Jonas Brothers party too..she's a mess!! I can't wait to see her!!

She's now turned into the "40 yr. old midgit!" IDK how to spell that, but it's ok :)