Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spike - Update

I have not been able to locate the branola bread I am looking for, but the Spike seasoning came in today. Unfortunately, one of the 12 bottles busted during shipping and there is seasoning everywhere. It was all over the taped box and the packing. A big smelly mess.

I called Amazon and they are replacing the entire order. So instead of 12 bottles of Spike, by Monday, I will be the proud owner of 23 bottles of Spike. If you come to my house I will give you a free bottle.

For those of you wondering what is in it, the bottle says there are "39 flavorful herbs, exotic spices and vegetables with just the right amount of salt." Here is a website for recipes. The only thing I have ever tried it on is the Boo Boo's chicken salad. I guess I better get creative since I have a lifetime supply.

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Brea said...

I am cracking up about your seasoning surplus -- that is just TOO funny! Save me a bottle! :)

Janelle said...

You can send a bottle to Abilene! :)

Donna said...

L - you are just too funny.