Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Italian Food and Tuna

Saturday night, Pops and I tried a new restaurant. I was so hopeful, as I always am, that it would be good. I was disappointed. It was not horrible, but it wasn't great. Just mediocre.

We went to Taverna in Sundance Square. We started out with a meat and cheese appetizer and shrimp appetizer that were both served with polenta squares. The polenta badly needed salt. I had the chicken and spinach ravioli with Parmesan cream sauce. Sounds great doesn't it. I piled on the salt and more Parmesan and it didn't help much. Pops had a risotto with lots of different seafood and it was bland. We had creme brulee for dessert that was good. Our waitress was great, but that didn't help the bland food. I think this is the first Italian restaurant that I have been to that doesn't serve bread. A little strange.

After dinner, we went to see Tuna Does Vegas at Bass Hall. It was fun. We have seen all of the Tuna's multiple times and were excited to see a new one. Although we enjoyed it, I thought the first half was better than the 2nd, but would definitely recommend it. They are so funny!

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Gigi said...

This past Christmas Holiday, I had the experience to see my first TUNA DOES CHRISTMAS! No one had told me that it was only the two of them doing the whole thing. I cracked up! I do want to see TUNA Does Vegas and a group of us are planning on it. I just recently went with a group from school to see Gypsy! It was great!