Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dr. 90210 and . . . ME

Does anyone recognize Dr. Robert Rey?

Dr. 90210 has always been one of my favorite reality shows. I have always loved anything to do with medicine and surgery. I have it set to record on my DVR and I have seen all the episodes.

When I was reading the paper yesterday, I saw that he was going to be at the mall promoting his "shapewear". I just had to go out there and see if he looked the same in person as he does on his show (he did).

Since the line didn't look too bad, I thought I would get a picture for the blog. The short line took a long time because Dr. Rey was so personable to each and every person. When your turn came to meet him, he hugged you, talked a little bit and then posed for several pictures.

He also wrote a note on the picture, and as you can see, it wasn't just a signature.

He could not have been any nicer. He was talking about how the people in Texas were so beautiful, both inside and out. He was talking about inner beauty and faith and asked if it was okay for him to write down his favorite scripture, 2 Timothy 4:7.

As far as his "shapewear" goes, I am going back to get me some. It felt about 10 times stronger than Spanx. I was tempted to check the display out, but since there were about 100 people standing around, I decided I would go back later. The thought of digging for my size and having people wonder how I was going to squeeze in it made me a little uncomfortable!


Pedaling said...

How fun. so glad to hear that he's such a nice guy. Your home & decorations are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

The picture is great! I have been out "blog surfing" today and found your place. I have a brother who lives in D/FW area and would love to get out there someday to visit.

Your home was gorgeous for Christmas. I also LOVED the story of finding your church a few posts down. Our church is one that is brand new and is "reaching out" uniquely into the community. Some people have judged these "types" of churches...but I have been NOTHING but blessed by it.

I hope to stop back again sometime.