Monday, October 29, 2007

The Royal Chef

One my of good friend, Kay Lynn, has one of the most beautiful houses that I have ever seen. She and Kevin built their dream home last year and it is truly a dream come true. She has a fantastic decorator who has come of with so many great ideas that I have never seen before. Every time I go to Kay Lynn's house, Lawanna has added something new.

This past weekend, her house was one of five on the "Tour de Chef" home tour. Each home featured a chef cooking samples. At Kay Lynn's house, the featured chef was Darren McGrady. He was a chef at Buckingham Palace cooking for the royal family and eventually was Princess Diana's private chef for the last four years of her life.
Since my mother's 75th birthday was yesterday, I decided to have him autograph a copy of his book for her. I got me one too. He was very personable and his bread pudding sample was so good. The picture is of Janelle and I after our autograph.

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