Friday, October 19, 2007

Chef Point And Paula Deen

We decided to go visit an old favorite this week, Chef Point Cafe, aka "the gas station." It is part of a large operating gas station with several gas pumps. It doesn't look like anything fancy at all, but it is very upscale food. They have everthing from Shrimp Scampi to duck.

Justin and I had the stuffed chicken. It is a blackened chicken breast, stuffed with crab stuffing and pepper jack cheese. It was served over angel hair pasta with an incredible sauce. The sauce was lots of heavy cream, butter, spices and I don't know what else, but so good. I tried not to eat too much sauce because my estimation was that the whole dish was at least 5,000 calories.

Justin had never eaten bread pudding so we ordered one to split. This is the first place that I tried bread pudding about 1 1 /2 years ago. It tasted like a gooey cinnamon roll. Delicious!

Chef Point has opened up a second location about 2 miles down the road. It is in a nice restaurant with a bar. The bar seems to be attracting a lot of people. The parking lot was crowded when we drove by. Our location only had two other tables occupied, but it was 8:00 on a week night which is a little late.

Our waitress told us that they are expecting the crowds to increase because Paula Deen had recently visited and she is writing about it in her magazine. I knew Paula would love it because if it is made with cream and butter, she is hooked.

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