Wednesday, August 8, 2007

San Diego/La Jolla

We stayed at the San Diego Doubletree Golf Resort. The outside of the hotel is really neat because it is intermingled with the golf course. I am probably their most hated patron because I hate mildew. For my last couple of visits, I have had to call the front desk to come clean the mildew out of the shower. (Just typing this makes me sick!) I was pleasantly surprised when I came back after a day at the beach and discovered that they had re-caulked the shower. It was better, but could have used some more work.

While Pops was working, this was my hangout. Every morning, I would drop him off at work and head to Girard's to pick up lunch. Then I would head to the beach. I felt like I was in heaven with my book, Ipod, 75 degree breeze and the sound of the Pacific Ocean in the background.

We ate at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in San Diego, Cafe Luna. It has been a couple of years since I have eaten there and it was even better than I remembered.

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