Thursday, December 14, 2006

Special Weekend

This weekend is a very special time for our family. On Saturday morning we will be leaving early to drive to Abilene for Jordan's graduation from HSU. She is our third child to graduate and our second from HSU. Janelle is still at HSU.

Graduation is always a special time, but this one is extra special for me. Jordan started struggling in school when she was in about 2nd grade. Being the dumb mother that I was, I didn't know anything about learning disabilities and really didn't get any help from her teachers. I would get so frustrated with her because she didn't copy her spelling words down correctly or her math problems. I remember telling her that anybody can copy a word down correctly.

Finally by 8th grade, it became apparent that she needed additional help. We had her tested at Scottish Rite hospital. She was diagnosed with ADD and another disorder which I never got a name for. She has a very high IQ and she can verbally tell you how to solve a complex math problem, but when she puts it on paper her mind goes blank. She can listen to a movie and tell you the script word for word, but if she reads it, she can't remember anything. She is a strong auditory learner.

Needless to say, she has had to work hard for every grade she gets. We were thrilled when she decided to go to college, but knew it would be a real challenge for her. She has worked SO hard and will graduate on Saturday after 4 1/2 years. We are so proud of her. Her degree is in Communication and Psychology. She has a job interview on Monday.

We plan to celebrate BIG this weekend. Way to go Jordan. We love you so much!!!We are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


KirkKrew said...

Yeah Jordy!! We are so proud of you!!!

TF2 said...

I can't wait to celebrate with you, Jordan! I am so proud of the young woman you have become!
Love, Your FairyGodmother