Monday, October 2, 2006

An Old Favorite - Reata

To finish off the weekend, we decided to go someplace else that we haven't been in a long time, Reata. It has been at least a year. We have been enough to know that we love the appetizers and desserts and are not that crazy about the meals. Our plan was to just get our favorites.

We started with the signature "tenderloin tamales." They are not like any other tamale you have ever had. They are very fat and topped with what they call "pecan mash." They are very unusual and hard to describe, but great. You just have to try them. We also had an order of the bacon wrapped shrimp.

We split an order of the barbecued shrimp enchiladas. We were full after the appetizers and should have stuck to our original plan. The enchiladas were okay (I just at the leftovers for lunch), but we would have been just fine without them. Pops had to have a side order of jalapeno cheddar cheese grits. Those are his favorite along with the pecan biscuits that are served with the meals.

We saved the best for last, the banana pudding. It was as good as always.

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